Version 1.1321
5 days ago

  • Fixed devcorner VC_CanEditAdminSettings force enabled functionality

  • Version 1.132
    28 days ago

  • Fixed ELS Siren data no syncing some times due to player influence

  • Version 1.1319
    1 month ago
    Quick patch to fix a sync issue

  • Fixed an issue when requesting data while cache is being cleared manually causing errors

  • Version 1.1318
    1 month ago
    Finished ingame updates page

  • Redone "Updates" page data tab.

  • Version 1.1317
    2 months ago

  • Fixed "Updates" page functionality.

  • Version 1.1316
    2 months ago

  • Reshaded the default light inner layer

  • Version 1.1315
    5 months ago

  • NEW Dev Support for can edit admin settings

  • Version 1.1314
    5 months ago

    This update will help with fraudulent language submissions, plus it lets me easilly see what changes were made exactly, so faster language updates

  • Overhauled the language submission

  • Version 1.1313
    6 months ago
    Data sync load manager overhaul

    This update should give vast improvements for newly joined players and servers net ussage. It redistributes the chunks more directly per players instead of global chunking. If some players might have had crashes on join, this will fix that up.

  • Overhauled sync load manager, will give a lot more stability

  • Fixed a few dev commands

  • Version 1.1312
    6 months ago

  • NEW On setting changed hook (shared)

  • NEW Dev support for getting a list of all VCMod settings

  • NEW Dev support for setting all VCMod settings

  • Version 1.1311
    6 months ago
    Data networking overhaul

    Spent all day recoding the data sync system. It should be about 20x faster from today on.

  • NEW Fresh new data sync system

  • New methods to compress the data

  • Data is not sent in less chunks due to the new compression method

  • NEW Dynamic range sync, before this update all data synced at once no matter where you were on the map You will not only sync with the data you need

  • NEW Model sync caching, model name will not be needed to be resynced on each model now

  • Version 1.131
    6 months ago

  • Added new translations for the upcoming update

  • Version 1.1309
    7 months ago

  • Fixed an issue with the key overrides not showing at times

  • Version 1.1308
    7 months ago

  • Added support for multiple light controllers per each light

  • Version 1.1307
    9 months ago

  • Fixed issue high amount of lights per vehicle, which was caused by int size, increased it

  • Version 1.1306
    9 months ago

  • NEW Added debug tools to help debug future issues

  • Fixed a few errors

  • Version 1.1305
    10 months ago

  • Fixed a serious issue that was not allowing servers with changing/odd time zones to work correctly. ("Localized" error).

  • Version 1.1304
    10 months ago
    Controls override feature

    This update brings a very much requested new feature to VCMod - ability to override players settings by server staff. Admins can override any control, including the hold key.

  • NEW Server control override

  • Redone a large portion of the control system

  • Optimization for menu systems

  • Unable to edit commands if they are overwritten

  • Visual representation of players controls in the menu if its overwritten

  • Version 1.1303
    11 months ago

  • Fixed some issue with bodygroups and specific light sequences.

  • Version 1.1302
    1 year ago

  • NEW Added "Add new language" button

  • Changed how the language tool behaves

  • Changed positions of buttons

  • Version 1.1301
    1 year ago

    This update brings additions to the core light engine. Lights are not capable to more relative to individual vehicle part.

  • NEW Support for new vehicle types, such as bikes and other advanced vehicles.

  • Version 1.13
    1 year ago

  • Language now loads properly serverside before contacting web-server

  • Full language web-server sync is now active

  • Removed languages will notw delete for server and players

  • Older language revisions will no longer be kept

  • Version 1.1299
    1 year ago
    Language overhaul

    For the past few weeks I have been redoing the language feature of VCMod. The old system used alot of net traffic and alot of translations were simply unnoticed by me, since there was no web-server database support for them. New system only downloads data that is needed, instead of every time. Meaning around 20% less traffic dedicated to simply transfering language data.

  • Fixed all firetruck back seat switching issues

  • NEW Language overhauled

  • Language net traffic reduced by 20x (yes, I did tests)

  • All language data is now stored locally

  • NEW Added language revisions

  • NEW Web-server compatibility. Language changes will not be ignored anymore.

  • Servers will now only download missing languages or those of highier revisions

  • Each player stores his own local language data

  • Player language data is now updated on joining of server, if needed

  • Redid the language editor, no more "Save" button, added some more explanation

  • You can now see what revision what language is

  • NEW If a language is outdated random player will be asked for help (if he is using that language)

  • Anyone can alter language from the server, need to be aproved first

  • Specific people do not need web-server acceptance and can update languages live

  • Languages will now be synced to all players without having to restart the server

  • Languages now update automatically every 6 hours

  • Plans to add an option to check all contributers of a specific language.

  • Removed the "Privilages" administrator settings tab

  • NEW Added "Core options" administrator settings tab

  • NEW Added a way to reload all addons within the "Core options" tab

  • NEW Added a way to clear all VCMod cached data within the "Core options" tab

  • NEW Added a way to manually request an update to language data from the "Core options" tab

  • Added in 10 more textures that will make some lights look more detailed

  • Removed some ScriptFodder focused code to SF addons instead of shared

  • Version 1.1298
    1 year ago

  • Restructured how VCMod database works, VCMod loading and vehicle data load times should be increased

  • Version 1.1297
    1 year ago

  • Fixed the horn option to work correctly again

  • Version 1.1296
    1 year ago

  • Fixed up data transfer order. This should improve net traffic ALOT, and some other issues.

  • Version 1.1295
    1 year ago

  • Changed how the circle light type behaves.

  • Version 1.1294
    1 year ago

  • Some optimization

  • Fixed rare error when in confliction with another addon

  • Version 1.1293
    1 year ago

  • Added compatibility with "Courts" addon.

  • Version 1.1292
    1 year ago

  • * Changed some stuff in the sync section

  • * Optimised the sync abit

  • * Overhauling it little by little

  • Version 1.1291
    1 year ago
    Initial logging update

    From this update VCMod changelog recording has been started.

  • NEW Changelog ingame viewer

  • NEW Data changes ingame viewer

  • Random code updates