Version 1.1338
2 days ago

  • Added light type handler which caches different values on the same multi-purpose light

  • Fixed beams acting incorectly after the big colour update

  • Version 1.1337
    5 days ago
    New color standart, new icons

    This update is focused on colour side of things. Large improvements to the developer tools which now forces a new colour standart. IN laymans terms: will be a lot easier to add fancy lights to vehicles.

  • NEW New color standart which will improve performance and feature quality

  • Improved light render performance

  • Fixed issue with some lights being initialised if looked from a weird angle for the first time

  • All VCMod related prices are now split with dots

  • Fancy new icons for the visual overhaul (some of them)

  • Right click menus on anything VCMod are now running the new UI standart

  • Vast improvements to dev tools which will allow vastly superior light quality for future data updates

  • Fixed bodygroup changes with headlight beams

  • Fixed a few text entries

  • Mined vehicle data for 30 or so vehicles

  • Semi-fixed some weird seat issues

  • Brand new animation standart which will fix quite a few issues in the future

  • Fixed vehicle name some time lingering for longer than it should

  • Fixed compatibility with

  • New icons for car dealer

  • New icons for repair man

  • New icons in menus

  • New weapon selection icons

  • New icons for entities

  • NEW 50 new icons to finally transform the UI of the addon

  • Renamed some VCMod related entities and weapons

  • Removed some old icons

  • Removed the obnoxious Beta mid-screen message when in beta branch

  • Fixed a bunch of errors

  • NEW Auto Updater minor version change notifier

  • Version 1.1336
    28 days ago

  • Optimised language selection

  • Increased request for translation if apropriate intervals

  • Ceased left over bunnies

  • Optimised GUI elements

  • Version 1.1335
    2 months ago
    Interactions first part

    This update is the start of the new Interaction update, which will be released in parts.

  • NEW Added vehicle animation override for applied vehicles

  • Version 1.1334
    2 months ago

  • Fixed errors if the model is incorectly made (null model detected)

  • Version 1.1333
    2 months ago

  • Fixed errors if the model is incorectly made (null model detected)

  • Version 1.1332
    2 months ago

  • Fixed errors if the model is incorectly made (null model detected)

  • Version 1.1331
    2 months ago

  • NEW Added VC_postInit dev corner hook

  • Version 1.133
    3 months ago

    Some people had issues with deleting the configuration file or resetting the settings ingame. So, an automated system for this is now here.

  • NEW Auto detection and repair for corrupted settings if needed

  • Version 1.1329
    3 months ago

  • Fixed an issue with the administrator settings

  • Version 1.1328
    3 months ago

  • Fixed serveride options always reverting to default after the update

  • Version 1.1327
    3 months ago
    Vehicle data sync Overhaul

    This update should drastically improve VCMods networking. No more data at all is being sent VIA server -> client method, instead using the new temp key system.

  • Removed old data sync system

  • NEW Brand new split data load system

  • VCMod networking usage reduced to almost nothing

  • Version 1.1326
    3 months ago
    Auto Updater overhaul

    This is the long-awaited Auto Updater overhaul, which is, almost, solely focused on performance. It is a complete overhaul of VCMods Auto Updater systems, bringing vast improvements to performance, especially networking. It took over three months to bring you this update alone. Other core systems were also redone.

  • VCMod player sync system is gone, no more chunked queues

  • Server no longer suffers performance loss (network usage wise) when a player joins

  • Server-side portion of VCMod code now loads segmentally, reducing first time jitter

  • Server VCMod load times reduced by alteast three times, due to the amount of code sent and how its handled on receiving

  • Server no longer receives or stores client-side code

  • Server no longer receives or stores client-side data

  • VCMod no longer suffers from garbage collection issues due to it storing client-side code and data

  • Server receives less CPU and RAM usage due to having to handle a lot less data

  • Impact on server networking when a player joins has been reduced to pretty much nothing

  • Player vehicle model de-sync check requests have been conditioned and optimized (a lot less networking)

  • Servers vehicle data request queue is now handled a lot more efficiently (huge impact to networking performance)

  • Global vehicle data is now stored fully locally, this was a huge amount of data

  • Global vehicle data structure itself has been optimized to lower its total size

  • Global vehicle data has its own auto updater, that updates only when needed, based on revision numbers

  • Global vehicle data initial revision number is sent on server-side VCMod load

  • Vastly reduced player join time (up to a few seconds)

  • Loads VCMod code in chunks, which heavily decreases actual loading of code

  • No longer waits in queue to receive chunks of the needed data and code

  • Contacts VCMod API directly using the temp-key to receive needed code

  • VCMod load times no longer limited by the queue

  • Reduced contact with server to check for models de-sync, only calls when in proximity

  • Reduced calls to server to verify and receive any needed VCMod vehicle data.

  • Server no longer has anything to do with language files

  • Client downloads any needed language data directly, not impacting server performance at all

  • Changed the way language data is stored on server, reducing API call times

  • Player automatically checks for language updates every 6 hours

  • Added vc_update_lng client-side console command.

  • Ability to switch to VCMod Beta branch by a simple console value vc_usebeta 1

  • This will make sure that when new VCMod features roll out, they are fully beta tested before pushing to public servers

  • Every 6 hours all players will receive a message that the VCMod used on the server is Beta.

  • VCMod logging system is now fully local, meaning: every step of VCMod loading is now recorded

  • All other compatible logging system calls have also been moved to local code

  • VCMod uses custom print to console colors and functions

  • VCMod now logs all server-side VCMod prints under the Logging General section

  • !vcmod chat menu message has been changed, before VCMod is loaded

  • All VCMod loading messages have been redone

  • VCMod Q-menu colors and text have been changed

  • API now collects map name, gamemode name and VCMod auto updater version to ensure faster issue debugging

  • VCMod Debugger feature is now in a working shape (in !vcmod menu, administrator, core options)

  • VCMod Debugger saves all data locally, aswel as sending it to VCMod API for later analysis

  • Removed Update function from !vcmod menu, administrator, core options

  • Removed Check for language updates function from !vcmod menu, administrator, core options

  • Added Check for General Vehicle Data updates button in !vcmod menu, administrator, core options

  • VCMod now has the ability to automatically send errors that are caused by VCMod (option will be added soon)

  • Added code modifications to more easily detects any future issues (selective deobfuscation)

  • VCMod info page addon data is now generated automatically

  • Added new dev corner hooks

  • Added a lot of small fixes

  • Mined for new vehicle data

  • Other tiny fixes to improve performance

  • A lot of tiny bug fixes

  • Fully rewritten the ReadMe file

  • Probably some other things that I just cant seem to remember

  • Version 1.1325
    4 months ago

  • Prepared to release the Auto Updater Overhaul

  • Version 1.1324
    5 months ago

    This update includes a bunch of fixes and optimisations. Auto Updater overhaul is half done and already there is around 5x server net performance improvements. Stay tuned.

  • Fixed a rare nil HighLights error

  • NEW Option for spikestrips to ignore ELS vehicles

  • Mined for new vehicle data

  • Added new translateable strings

  • Fixed issues with: VC_CanPickupSpikeStrip dev corner hook

  • Version 1.1323
    5 months ago
    New server, Logging system

    This update brings a brand new feature: a logging system for most VCMod related things. VCMod also now runs on a new fancy server which is atleast 5x faster.

  • NEW Logging system

  • NEW bLogs support

  • Improved light code performance

  • Fixed light PVS bug (lights visible in sky on some maps)

  • Fixed an error caused by the new FrameRate override

  • Fixed an issue caused by missmatched light data

  • Mined for new vehicle data

  • Started changing VCMod color scheme to unified theme

  • Changed VCMods chat message colour scheme

  • Changed VCMods popup message colour scheme

  • Updated core VCMod server to a lot faster one

  • Version 1.1322
    6 months ago
    Initialization recode

    This update brings huge perfromance optimization to vehicles initialization. Should give a slight performance boost when spawning new vehicles.

  • Recoded vehicle initialization functionality

  • Restructured large parts of code

  • Mined for new vehicle data

  • Prepared for the next big update

  • Version 1.1321
    6 months ago

  • Fixed devcorner VC_CanEditAdminSettings force enabled functionality

  • Version 1.132
    7 months ago

  • Fixed ELS Siren data no syncing some times due to player influence

  • Version 1.1319
    7 months ago
    Quick patch to fix a sync issue

  • Fixed an issue when requesting data while cache is being cleared manually causing errors

  • Version 1.1318
    7 months ago
    Finished ingame updates page

  • Redone "Updates" page data tab.

  • Version 1.1317
    7 months ago

  • Fixed "Updates" page functionality.

  • Version 1.1316
    8 months ago

  • Reshaded the default light inner layer

  • Version 1.1315
    11 months ago

  • NEW Dev Support for can edit admin settings

  • Version 1.1314
    11 months ago

    This update will help with fraudulent language submissions, plus it lets me easilly see what changes were made exactly, so faster language updates

  • Overhauled the language submission

  • Version 1.1313
    11 months ago
    Data sync load manager overhaul

    This update should give vast improvements for newly joined players and servers net ussage. It redistributes the chunks more directly per players instead of global chunking. If some players might have had crashes on join, this will fix that up.

  • Overhauled sync load manager, will give a lot more stability

  • Fixed a few dev commands

  • Version 1.1312
    11 months ago

  • NEW On setting changed hook (shared)

  • NEW Dev support for getting a list of all VCMod settings

  • NEW Dev support for setting all VCMod settings

  • Version 1.1311
    11 months ago
    Data networking overhaul

    Spent all day recoding the data sync system. It should be about 20x faster from today on.

  • NEW Fresh new data sync system

  • New methods to compress the data

  • Data is not sent in less chunks due to the new compression method

  • NEW Dynamic range sync, before this update all data synced at once no matter where you were on the map You will not only sync with the data you need

  • NEW Model sync caching, model name will not be needed to be resynced on each model now

  • Version 1.131
    11 months ago

  • Added new translations for the upcoming update

  • Version 1.1309
    1 year ago

  • Fixed an issue with the key overrides not showing at times

  • Version 1.1308
    1 year ago

  • Added support for multiple light controllers per each light

  • Version 1.1307
    1 year ago

  • Fixed issue high amount of lights per vehicle, which was caused by int size, increased it

  • Version 1.1306
    1 year ago

  • NEW Added debug tools to help debug future issues

  • Fixed a few errors

  • Version 1.1305
    1 year ago

  • Fixed a serious issue that was not allowing servers with changing/odd time zones to work correctly. ("Localized" error).

  • Version 1.1304
    1 year ago
    Controls override feature

    This update brings a very much requested new feature to VCMod - ability to override players settings by server staff. Admins can override any control, including the hold key.

  • NEW Server control override

  • Redone a large portion of the control system

  • Optimization for menu systems

  • Unable to edit commands if they are overwritten

  • Visual representation of players controls in the menu if its overwritten

  • Version 1.1303
    1 year ago

  • Fixed some issue with bodygroups and specific light sequences.

  • Version 1.1302
    2 years ago

  • NEW Added "Add new language" button

  • Changed how the language tool behaves

  • Changed positions of buttons

  • Version 1.1301
    2 years ago

    This update brings additions to the core light engine. Lights are not capable to more relative to individual vehicle part.

  • NEW Support for new vehicle types, such as bikes and other advanced vehicles.

  • Version 1.13
    2 years ago

  • Language now loads properly serverside before contacting web-server

  • Full language web-server sync is now active

  • Removed languages will notw delete for server and players

  • Older language revisions will no longer be kept

  • Version 1.1299
    2 years ago
    Language overhaul

    For the past few weeks I have been redoing the language feature of VCMod. The old system used alot of net traffic and alot of translations were simply unnoticed by me, since there was no web-server database support for them. New system only downloads data that is needed, instead of every time. Meaning around 20% less traffic dedicated to simply transfering language data.

  • Fixed all firetruck back seat switching issues

  • NEW Language overhauled

  • Language net traffic reduced by 20x (yes, I did tests)

  • All language data is now stored locally

  • NEW Added language revisions

  • NEW Web-server compatibility. Language changes will not be ignored anymore.

  • Servers will now only download missing languages or those of highier revisions

  • Each player stores his own local language data

  • Player language data is now updated on joining of server, if needed

  • Redid the language editor, no more "Save" button, added some more explanation

  • You can now see what revision what language is

  • NEW If a language is outdated random player will be asked for help (if he is using that language)

  • Anyone can alter language from the server, need to be aproved first

  • Specific people do not need web-server acceptance and can update languages live

  • Languages will now be synced to all players without having to restart the server

  • Languages now update automatically every 6 hours

  • Plans to add an option to check all contributers of a specific language.

  • Removed the "Privilages" administrator settings tab

  • NEW Added "Core options" administrator settings tab

  • NEW Added a way to reload all addons within the "Core options" tab

  • NEW Added a way to clear all VCMod cached data within the "Core options" tab

  • NEW Added a way to manually request an update to language data from the "Core options" tab

  • Added in 10 more textures that will make some lights look more detailed

  • Removed some ScriptFodder focused code to SF addons instead of shared

  • Version 1.1298
    2 years ago

  • Restructured how VCMod database works, VCMod loading and vehicle data load times should be increased

  • Version 1.1297
    2 years ago

  • Fixed the horn option to work correctly again

  • Version 1.1296
    2 years ago

  • Fixed up data transfer order. This should improve net traffic ALOT, and some other issues.

  • Version 1.1295
    2 years ago

  • Changed how the circle light type behaves.

  • Version 1.1294
    2 years ago

  • Some optimization

  • Fixed rare error when in confliction with another addon

  • Version 1.1293
    2 years ago

  • Added compatibility with "Courts" addon.

  • Version 1.1292
    2 years ago

  • * Changed some stuff in the sync section

  • * Optimised the sync abit

  • * Overhauling it little by little

  • Version 1.1291
    2 years ago
    Initial logging update

    From this update VCMod changelog recording has been started.

  • NEW Changelog ingame viewer

  • NEW Data changes ingame viewer

  • Random code updates