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Welcome to VCMod dev corner

This particular section of the website is dedicated solely to developers, who want to expand or change the core functionality of VCMod.

If you wish something added please contact me VIA: steam or email.

These will only work with the auto-update versions of VCMod.

Many have asked to override the default VCMod HUD. Module system is coming. And, if asked, I will add support to add additional layers to the default HUD aswel.

Entity information:

Name Type Class Model
Health Kit 100% Entity vc_pickup_healthkit_100 "models/vcmod/vcmod_toolbox.mdl"
Health Kit 25% Entity vc_pickup_healthkit_25 "models/vcmod/vcmod_wrenchset.mdl"
Health Kit 10% Entity vc_pickup_healthkit_10 "models/vcmod/vcmod_wrench.mdl"
Jerry can, diesel, 20 l Entity vc_pickup_fuel_diesel "models/props_junk/gascan001a.mdl"
Jerry can, petrol, 20 l Entity vc_pickup_fuel_petrol "models/props_junk/gascan001a.mdl"
Car battery, 1.3 kWh Entity vc_pickup_fuel_electricity "models/items/car_battery01.mdl"
Vehicle part: engine Entity vc_pickup_engine "models/gibs/airboat_broken_engine.mdl"
Vehicle part: light Entity vc_pickup_light "models/maxofs2d/light_tubular.mdl"
Vehicle part: tire Entity vc_pickup_tire "models/props_phx/normal_tire.mdl"
Vehicle part: exhaust Entity vc_pickup_exhaust "models/props_vehicles/carparts_muffler01a.mdl"
Spike strip Entity vc_spikestrip "models/sentry/vc_spikestrip.mdl"
Spike strip Weapon vc_spikestrip_wep "models/sentry/vc_spikestrip.mdl"
Wrench Weapon vc_wrench "models/VC-Mod/v_wrench.mdl"