VCMod Handling

DESCRIPTION 195,067+      
...2018-03-09 00:00:00

Provides the ability to edit default vehicle base vehicle handling ingame. Combine parts of different handling scripts, export for easy and quick vehicle creation!


VCMod Main

DESCRIPTION 8561      
...2023-12-28 21:20:05

Provides advanced vehicle functionality to various vehicle bases, including default garrysmod vehicle base, simphys (soon). Among many features, provides realistic damage systems, third person view, full vehicle lightening, passenger seats with drive-by functionality, fuel system, exhaust simulation and much, much more.

Auto updating


DESCRIPTION 4865      
...2022-02-19 10:51:51

Fully emergency vehicles oriented features, providing realistic emergency lightening, siren behaviour. Additional police, firefighter, ambulance, taxi, etc. features provides realistic server experience.

Auto updating