General changes of VCMod

Current VCMod Auto Updater version: 9.65

Single file consisting for most expensive to run or preset vehicle data. Including its mined data such as tire inflation/deflation heights, most common used attachments and wheel radiuses.

...2021-11-26 20:25:19

Lastest general vehicle data edit

Any player can translate VCMod ingame, but it has to be approved before its sent to public use.

...2024-02-15 07:09:00

Lastest language edit PT by Tio Surdo

These vehicle edits are only public ones, there is a 'dev' branch aswel.

Latest public vehicle edit

  • February 18, 2024

    CCPD HWY CVPI 2010 1

    Rin's Clearwater County Police

    Edited by: SGM ツ

    Vehicle image
    Light count: 21
    Seats: 1+4
    Exhausts: 2