Developer Corner

This section is the VCMods API. From here you can control the core functionality of the auto-update versions of VCMod.

If you see something missing feel free to post bellow or contact us.

HUD Override:

If you wish to modify VCMods HUD, please check HUD modules page.

Entity Information:

Name Type Class Model
Health Kit 100% Entity vc_pickup_healthkit_100 models/vcmod/vcmod_toolbox.mdl
Health Kit 25% Entity vc_pickup_healthkit_25 models/vcmod/vcmod_wrenchset.mdl
Health Kit 10% Entity vc_pickup_healthkit_10 models/vcmod/vcmod_wrench.mdl
Fuel: Petrol Entity vc_fuel_station_petrol models/props_wasteland/gaspump001a.mdl
Fuel: Diesel Entity vc_fuel_station_diesel models/props_wasteland/gaspump001a.mdl
Fuel: Electricity Entity vc_fuel_station_electricity models/props_wasteland/gaspump001a.mdl
Jerry can, diesel, 20 l Entity vc_pickup_fuel_diesel models/props_junk/gascan001a.mdl
Jerry can, petrol, 20 l Entity vc_pickup_fuel_petrol models/props_junk/gascan001a.mdl
Car battery, 1.3 kWh Entity vc_pickup_fuel_electricity models/items/car_battery01.mdl
Fuel: nozzle Entity vc_fuel_nozzle models/weapons/w_toolgun.mdl
Vehicle part: engine Entity vc_pickup_engine models/gibs/airboat_broken_engine.mdl
Vehicle part: light Entity vc_pickup_light models/maxofs2d/light_tubular.mdl
Vehicle part: tire Entity vc_pickup_tire models/props_phx/normal_tire.mdl
Vehicle part: exhaust Entity vc_pickup_exhaust models/props_vehicles/carparts_muffler01a.mdl
Spike strip Entity vc_spikestrip models/sentry/vc_spikestrip.mdl
Spike strip pointyend Entity vc_spikestrip_pointyend models/Items/AR2_Grenade.mdl
Spike strip pointyend extended Entity vc_spikestrip_pointyend_extended models/Items/AR2_Grenade.mdl
Spike strip Weapon vc_spikestrip_wep models/sentry/vc_spikestrip.mdl
Wrench Weapon vc_wrench models/VC-Mod/v_wrench.mdl
NPC Car Dealer Entity vc_npc_cardealer
NPC Repair Man Entity vc_npc_repair
Car Dealer spawn platform Entity vc_npc_obj_spawn models/hunter/plates/plate3x6.mdl

Questions? Wish something added? Comment away!