Vehicle: get Vehicle Persistance Data

Gets the vehicles persistance data. This is perfect for use in car dealers to persist (save) VCMod vehicle data.

Used in: VCMod Main addon.

Server Entity Vehicle:VC_getVehiclePersistanceData()


1. Table The table containing VCMod persistance data. This might include something else in the future, but for now it contains: DamagedObjects, Fuel %, Health %.


	// This would be best to be used with your own car dealer
	hook.Add("VC_EngineExploded", "CustomHookName", function(ent, silent)
		print("Vehicle "..ent:VC_getName().." has exploded, returning to car dealer.")

		// This data should be saved to your car dealer information about this specific vehicle
		// And then lets get that data before vehicle has been removed
		local data = ent:VC_getVehiclePersistanceData()

		// Remove the vehicle, in this case call VCMods car dealers return function since we are using this as an example
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