GM: trailer Attached

Called when a trailer was succesffuly attached to the vehicle.

Used in: VCMod Main addon.

Server GM:VC_trailerAttached(Entity ent, Entity tailer, Entity cons)


1. Entity ent; Truck
The entity that was used to attach stuff to.

2. Entity tailer; Trailer
The vehicle that was attached to the other vehicle, typically a trailer.

3. Entity cons; Constraint
The system uses ropes as a method to attach the trailers, this is that constraint object.


hook.Add("VC_trailerAttached", "CustomHookName", function(ent, trailer, cons)
	print("Looks like you have gained a few tons. Time to think about that gym membership, ehh?")
	print("Attached trailer "..trailer:VC_getName().." to "..ent:VC_getName().." , nice job.")
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