GM: engine Started Emit Fire

Called when a vehicles engine has started to emit fire.

Used in: VCMod Main addon.

Server GM:VC_engineStartedEmitFire(Entity ent, Entity effect, String sound)


1. Entity ent; Vehicle
The unlucky vehicle.

2. Entity effect; Fire effect
The default VCMod fire effect entity.

3. String sound; Fire sound
The default VCMod fire sound effect.


1. Entity The new effect or fire entity.

2. String/Boolean The new sounds which will play instead of the original one. Use false to get rid of any sound instead.


hook.Add("VC_engineStartedEmitFire", "CustomHookName", function(ent, effect, sound)
	print("This vehicle has been damaged alot, it has started to emit fire: "..ent:VC_getName()..".")

	// Do not need to use this function, you can use any serverside entity, this is just an example
	local customFireEntity = VC.Spawn_Particle(ent, VC.EnginePos(ent), ent:GetAngles(), "VC_Engine_Fire", false)

	local customFireSound = "ambient/fire/firebig.wav"

	return customFireEntity, customFireSound
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