GM: can Edit Admin Settings

Called when a player attemps to access or edit adminstrative settings.

Used in: VCMod Main, VCMod ELS addons.

Shared GM:VC_canEditAdminSettings(Entity ply, Boolean default)


1. Entity ply; Player
Player who is attempting to access admin privilages.

2. Boolean default; Default value
This is checked before calling this hook. This is determined by the administrator/core options section.


// This will allow only one specific person to access VCMod administrative options, place it inside of any named lua files (example: restrictVCModAdmin.lua) to garrysmod/lua/autorun/ directory (example: garrysmod/lua/autorun/restrictVCModAdmin.lua)

AddCSLuaFile() // This will force all players to download this file

local VCModcanEditOnly = "76561197989323181" // Example ID of VCMods creator, change it to your own 64bit SteamID

hook.Add("VC_canEditAdminSettings", "VC_canEditAdminSettings_RestrictToID", function(ply, default)

	// Check if by default its allowed, if it is check if its the correct ID.
	return VCModcanEditOnly == ply:SteamID64()

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