GM: can Enter Passenger Seat

Called before a player enters a passenger seat. This is only called when a player is attempting to enter from outside. This is also called when switching seats.

Used in: VCMod Main addon.

Server GM:VC_canEnterPassengerSeat(Entity ply, Entity seat, Entity veh)


1. Entity ply; Player
Player who is entering the seat.

2. Entity seat; Seat
The seat entity of the vehicle the player is about to enter.

3. Entity veh; Main vehicle
Vehicle of which the seats are attached to.


1. Boolean If it should allow player to enter the seat.


hook.Add("VC_canEnterPassengerSeat", "VC_canEnterPassengerSeat", function(ply, seat, veh)
	print("Player :"..ply:Nick().." is attempting to enter : "..tostring(seat).." of entity "..veh:VC_getName()..".")
	local canenter = false
	return canenter
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