Vehicle: set Override

Allows to override vehicles detault data. This includes having headlight colours. This should only be called after VCMod has initialized on the vehicle. Return nil to return to default value.

Used in: VCMod Main, VCMod ELS addons.

Shared Entity Vehicle:VC_setOverride(Entity ent, String id, Any val)


1. Entity ent; Vehicle
The entity of which you wish to override things of.

2. String id; ID
What you wish to be overriden? Currently possible:
HLColor (Color) - Headlight color

3. Any val; Value
Can be anything, depending on what is being overriden.


// Override all vehicle headlight color to blue
hook.Add("VC_postVehicleInit", "VC_postVehicleInit_hlclrblue", function(ent)
	ent:VC_setOverride("HLColor", Color(0,0,255,255))
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