GM: can Purchase Fuel

Called when a player clicks the Purchase button in a fuel station.

Used in: VCMod Main addon.

Server GM:VC_canPurchaseFuel(Entity ply, Entity ent, Integer purchased, Integer toPurchase, Integer price, String type)


1. Entity ply; Player
The rich player.

2. Entity ent; Station
The station entity that is used.

3. Integer purchased; Purchased
How much fuel is already purchased in the machine, this is before this transaction.

4. Integer toPurchase; To Purchase
How much will be purchased.

5. Integer price; Price
How much the player will pay for the toPurchase amount.

6. String type; Fuel type
What is the given fuel type.


1. Boolean If it should allow player to enter the seat.


hook.Add("VC_canPurchaseFuel", "VC_canPurchaseFuel", function(ply, ent, purchased, toPurchase, price, type)
	print("Player :"..ply:Nick().." is attempting to purchase "..toPurchase.." amount of "..type.." fuel. Restricting.")
	local canenter = false
	return canenter
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