GM: sound Emit ELS

Called before ELS sound is played. Can be used to override any ELS related sound for specific vehicle(s).

Used in: VCMod ELS addon.

Client GM:VC_soundEmit_ELS(Entity ent, String type, Table data)


1. Entity ent; Vehicle
The unlucky vehicle.

2. String type; Type
The type of sound, available types: bullhorn, siren, siren_manual.

3. Table data; Sound data table
Can include a lot of information, but "Sound", "Distance", "Pitch" and "Volume" will always be there. Other data in this table is for reference only, changing it will not affect anything.


1. Boolean/Table If returned false no sound will be played, if returned the data folder it will override any of the data in the "data" argument.


hook.Add("VC_soundEmit_ELS", "VC_soundELSChange", function(ent, type, data)
	// data tables output exammple (PrintTable(data)):
-- Distance	=	95
-- Name	=	Priority
-- Pitch	=	100
-- Sound	=	vcmod/els/smartsiren/priority.wav
-- Volume	=	1

	// Replace all "Yelp" sirens with "Wail"
	if data.Name and data.Name == "Yelp" then
		data.Sound = "vcmod/els/smartsiren/wail.wav"
		return data // Lets return the changed data

	// Disable siren "yelp" sound for all vehicles
	-- if data.Name and data.Name == "Yelp" then
		-- return false
	-- end
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