HUD Modules

This module can adjust the default VCMod heads up display elements

If you see something missing feel free to contact us.

Name Info Status
VCMod All of VCMod HUD drawing. Used
VCMod_Side Responsible for drawing the side module. Used
VCMod_Icons Right side icon tab module. Used
VCMod_Health Right side health percentage module. Used
VCMod_Damage Right side advanced vehicle damage module. Used
VCMod_Fuel Right side fuel module. Used
VCMod_ELS_Lights Rights side VCMod ELS lights module. Used
VCMod_ELS_Siren Rights side VCMod ELS sirens module. Used
VCMod_Name Vehicle name module (on vehicle enter, left side). Used
VCMod_Cruise Vehicle cruise module, center bottom. Used
VCMod_DriveBy Drive By module displayed at bottom center. Used
VCMod_Entity Pickup-entities and other VCMod Entities module. Used
VCMod_FuelLid Fuel lid module. Displayed when about to refuel. Used
VCMod_Speedometer Unused, potentially to be in use soon. Unused
VCMod_Inter Unused, potentially to be in use soon. Unused
VCMod_Dev No public usage. Non-public
VCMod_AI No public usage. Non-public

Any of these elements can be turned off by this code:

// Will disable the HUD Name VCMod element
hook.Add("HUDShouldDraw", "VC_HUD_Disable_Name", function(name)
	if name == "VCMod_Name" then return false end